About me

About me

I’m a celiac with a crazy amount of wanderlust and the ambition to find¬†great gluten-free food wherever I go. And on this blog you will find my best tips – so you can enjoy the best food for celiacs when traveling? No need to invent the wheel twice! But who am I?

At the age of 2 I was diagnosed with celiac disease, meaning that whenever I eat products made by barley, rye, oat, or wheat I get stomach aches, fevers, and even get sick.¬†More information about celiac disease and what it is can be found at the Celiac Disease Foundation. Although I’ve had to adhere to a strictly gluten-free diet I still love food and trying new things.

Why do I travel? As a child my parents and I (and my baby sister) moved to the little European country Switzerland, and within 1 year locals couldn’t separate me from the kids who were born there. I don’t quite know what that says about me – maybe that I have an ability to feel like home wherever I go. Anyway that’s when my love for new cultures and languages started. At the time of writing I speak 4 languages; Swedish, English, German & Spanish, but I am also trying to learn a little French.

Combining my love for food and travel with my diagnosis has been both challenging and interesting – because sometimes you have to get creative about what you’re eating when on the road.

In this blog you’ll follow me on my travel adventures, best glutenfree recipes, and travel tips. Stay tuned!


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