7 travel blogs & resources to check out

travel blogs

Sharing is caring, and I read lots of blogs when I’m looking for recommendations or tips before traveling. I’m also part of a network for women who travel solo, and they have helped me to some amazing travel blogs! After a while you start to find favorites, your go-to travel blogs; travel blogs with reliable recommendations. I sincerely hope you feel that way about me – because I only recommend things I really like! Let’s get started!

Her Packing List is a great resource to look up packing list for a whole bunch of different locations.


If you need a little encouragement to go solo you should check out Jennifer E Snyder who drove across the U.S. by her self and guess what – nothing bad happened!


Nomadic Matt was probably the first travel blog I started following, and I keep going back there for inspiration. You should check out the post about How to choose camera gear for traveling


At Polkadot Passport you can find great travel tips. My favorite post is 5 Common Travel Photography Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)


The Blonde Abroad writes a lot about traveling solo as a female. Love her post on how to talk to worried parents about solo travel (used it to talk to my dad about going to Spain solo).


World of Wanderlust has guides to looots of places in Europe (great for people like me, who are Europe-based). She also gives great tips on taking photos when traveling alone.


Ytravel is another favorit of mine. Not only a blog; there’s also a e-book and other resources. They also have a great post about money guilt.