Changes to be made

After 9 years of dreaming, 1 year of planning, and waay too many hours of worrying it’s time. In 7 days I will be leaving Sweden and start college in Ohio, USA. When you read this I’ll most probably be sitting on my bedroom floor panicking over how I’ll fit everything I need in one bag.

Perhaps I should be more scared right now, but I’m fairing pretty well. And you know what? If things go south I can always move back home. The only things that last forever are memories and regrets. So I’m packing my “osthyvel” (a cheese-cutting thing, best Swedish invention ever) and Marabou chocolate, take a deep breath and prepare to find my own place on this crazy mess called earth. Even when everything feels like crap I know I’ll be okay in the end.

I live with depression, I have dealt with rumors, but the common denominator is I survive. That’s all I ask for.

My graduation, May 2015, a sign of how hard I’d worked!