Preventing panic – in collaboration with GlassesShop

This post is written in collaboration with GlassesShop, however – you can always trust that the opinions are my own. I only write about brands and things I personally like. For more information check out my Disclaimer
Why cheap, good, glasses are so important to me

When it comes to my glasses I’m a mess; rarely clean them (because I wear them for 25 minutes per day) and I’ve dropped them more often than I’m willing to admit. I’ve even woken up and realized I’ve been sleeping on my glasses… Glasses are expensive, even more so if you need insurance for them! Therefore cheap glasses is the perfect solution (.. or the only solution) for me; it allows me to have multiple pairs and I’m not constantly worrying about breaking them. Or forgetting them at a restaurant somewhere…

A feature I like about GlassesShop is that you can upload your own picture and “try” the glasses before you buy them. Apparently I can be a real pain when buying glasses, since I always come in with an idea of what I’m looking for, and it often ends with me giving up and keeping my old ones. Buying eyeglasses online is alot easier, I get to be picky and annoying and “come back later” when I’ve thought about a model.

I haven’t had the chance to try out prescription sunglasses yet, since I wear lenses daytime, but it’s definitely something I’ll look into in the future.

To finish I also have a code that gives you 50 % of on frames if you use the code GSHOT50, enjoy!