My Europe bucket list

In order to start off the new year in the best way possible I decided to make a list – specifically a bucket list. An Europe bucket list. I keep finding little notes with things scribbled onto them like “U Hostel Madrid” or “Piazza San Marco”, and in order to keep on track I wanted to gather all the notes together.

Lists have always been my best friends, because they have a way of helping you keep focused. Making lists about your dreams and hopes gives you something to look at when you feel a little lost. For example my list helps me planning my Spain trip. So excited to look at this in a year and see what I’ve done!

My Europe bucket list:

♣ Tapas in Spain.

♣ Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

♣ Attend “la tomatina” in Spain.

 Visit “Santiago de Compastela” in Spain.

 See the Eifeltower in Paris.

 Oktoberfest in Germany.

 Visit Piazza San Marco in Italy.

 Eat (gluten-free) churros in Spain(which I plan on doing at Maestro Churrero in Madrid).

 Drink wine on a wineyard in Italy.

 Party in the UK.

Eat pizza in Italy.

 Travel through a country by train.

Drink mojitos at the beach.

 Get lost in a new city.

♣ Stay in a dorm at a hostel (gotta give it a chance!).

Europe Bucket List