Gifts for your favorite traveler

The last few days we’ve finally been able to turn of the heaters to not freeze and that means springtime! Since my workplace peaks during summer it’s easier to get vacation time in May (a.k.a. off-season → not as many tourists).

Whilst daydreaming about my future travels (and daydreaming away from the Swedish rain) I’ve encountered some interesting and useful things I’d like to get my hands on before I fly away to my Spain-adventure. If you’re looking for a travel related gift this is your lucky day…

Travel towels dry fast, take up little space, and you can get them in different sizes. 
I love the navy blue one! Many hostels don’t include towels in the price, so either you get to rent one or bring one of those (←) neat towels with you!


I have anxiety tendencies (surprise!) and when I’m abroad I tend to get extremely aware of where I have all my things. Tickets, debit card, money – you name it! A bra pouch is a brilliant way for me to be able to breathe for a moment and not worry about forgetting my things someplace.


I’ve recently learned of travel detergent (yes, I’m late with this), but laundry on the road = less packing! Treat the travel lover in your life to a something that will make life on the road easier! Lewis N. Clark’s Landry Soap has good reviews!

Y’all know I’m a fan of coloring books, and I have way to many. But I still love getting a new one, because they’re so perfect to pass time during transfers or dead-time. If you want a travel related one I’d recommend Splendid Cities.. or the Harry Potter one (because you can never go wrong with HP)

Okay, I always run out of space on my memory cards, and in order to keep my travel photos safe I use a external hard drive my grandpa bought me last year. It’s neat, super handy and has 1 TB memory (a.k.a 1,000 GB). Don’t know what I’d do without it to be honest!


  • These are all great gifts! The towel is super practical. We have one, but we keep talking about possibly getting a couple more and replacing our other ones. I had no idea they had harry potter coloring books! 😀