How to always be “fika-ready”

Saying that I’m not fond of cookies would be a lie, so whenever I actually have cookies or cake in the freezer it takes 1 week and then they’re gone (ate 24 gingerbread cookies in 36 hours once…). However, as a celiac it’s not always possible to just pick something to “fika” up on the way home (risk of cross-contamination in most bakeries etc.) so what to do?

This is where my super-tip for baking gets to use; frozen cookie dough!

You simply make a batch of cookie dough (of choice) and roll it together. Wrap it in plastic or baking paper.

If you feel a hankering for it, just cut of a piece, thaw it (takes 15 minutes or so) slice into thin slices. Then you just bake them like normal and – TA DA! Fika in 10 minutes! Great huh? Okay, I get that I’m probably not the first one to think of this. But I felt really proud for “coming up” with this idea so please just let me feel creative haha..


Baking tip to be fika-ready at all times! This week with gingerbread cookie dough.

Right now I’m making gingerbread cookies (with store bought dough, because I didn’t have the time to prepare it), and this tip has been veeery useful.