How to: Fly Ryanair (and avoid hidden fees)

How to: Fly Ryanair

Ryanair has a bad reputation amongst a lot of people (and I’m not going to argue with them), but you can’t get away from the fact that they are fairly cheap. And as a broke student sometimes prices has to be prioritized over comfort. I’ve been flying with Ryanair for a couple of years (mainly between Gothenburg and London) and I haven’t experienced that many problems, yet. Hence, I’ve decided to share some tips to not get into trouble while flying with Ryanair.


Check where the airport is because sometimes just the transfer prices can cost more than getting a more expensive ticket to a more centrally located airport. E.g. Ryanair only fly to Stansted in London, so it’s about a 1,5 hour bus ride to central London. Last time I paid like £17 for a return ticket with the bus, so to me the cheaper Ryanair ticket was totally worth it.


Going to check in luggage? Book ahead because the moment you enter “confirm your booking” the prices rise. Checking in luggage was like 250 SEK (£20) when making the booking, and but when I looked at it later it was nearly 400 SEK (£30).


In a hurry? Get in the line. The Ryanair planes can only take ca. 90 cabin bags, so if you’re last in the line you might have to check in your luggage. It doesn’t cost anything, but it takes some time to get your bags after landing.


My last (but not least) advice; double check your booking before paying. It costs about £50 to make changes to your reservation. It’s just a stupid fee you don’t want to pay.

A lot of the “hidden” fees when flying with budget airlines aren’t hidden, and they can be avoided if you’re just careful.