Introducing – the “idiot-theory”

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes my self-esteem is at the bottom. Maybe some of you recognize this, others don’t. Maybe my depression has affected how I see myself, maybe it’s just part of who I am. Either way I have to deal with it – right?

Trying new things is scary and it’s sooo easy to start thinking “I can’t do this” – and that’s where the idiot-theory comes into place.

If you’re an average smart person, there are over 3 billion people who are less smart. A proportion of those people are definitely going to be idiots, according to your standards (don’t flip, it’s just a mental thing, I’m not calling anyone an idiot here). And if the idiots can [insert verb here] you can too! Imagine all idiots who are allowed to drive cars – then me getting a license isn’t that unimaginable!

So go out into the world and prove you are just as capable as all the idiots out there!


For example; the idiot writing this decided to book a backpacking trip on her own for 3 weeks this spring, simply because she felt like it.