5 ways to power-up when you’re down

Thanks to my detour into the land of depression I’ve had my experience of needing to “power up” when I really didn’t feel like it. By now I’m so used to it that I can turn most days around (or postpone the low for a day) either by using simple mind tricks, or getting some great motivation.

 My ultimate power-up motivation list

My most important thing to feel kept together is getting ready. Even if I study from home I get up take a shower, dress like I would to school and maybe do some makeup. I feel confident and capable –> I act like I’m more capable.
Adopt the WWBD-attitude – what would Beyoncé do? Be Beyoncé for a while!
 What would Beyoncé do?
Be the Beyoncé you want see in the world… 
“Don’t stop stop the music” – is anyone going to argue about the efficiency of music? Your favorite upbeat song and then shut up and dance with me…
This is very individual, but I can sometimes get motivation from not letting the bullies “win” and get the best of me. The guys calling me ugly, geeky, fat, or weird throughout junior high – screw them! I’m competetive, so the thought of letting them win is enough for me to run a freakin’ marathon 5K race. Geeky – yup! Being geeky made me amazing.
Start a pillow fight either with a family member or with the wall. There’s a blue spot on one of my walls after me throwing a book at the wall as a mental release (don’t tell my mom that though..). So just use pillows instead, books leave marks.