Speaking of Elections..

Around 3 A.M. last night you could suddenly hear shouting all over the floor of my dorm.
Yes, the results of the election were coming in. You guys can probably guess how I feel about it (HINT: Swedish, so U.S. democrat is still more conservative than our liberal party). But hey! At least my college career will be interesting. Right now all that changes is that I’ll have to check my suitcase before I leave for Sweden during Christmas; suddenly everyone seems very interested in moving to Sweden.

Does it matter?

No matter what you think of the results, there’s at least one conclusion – go and VOTE. If you live in a democracy, use your right to VOTE. Your VOTE does change things, and it’s not a freaking privilege – VOTING IS AN OBLIGATION you have to society. Not using it is mocking people who don’t have a chance to vote.