My top 5 apps to stay healthy

My top 5 apps for staying healthy

With a lot going on in my life right now it’s difficult to stay in control over my health. Therefor I find it very helpful to have a couple of apps to help me out. An easy way to monitor everything from PMS to taking my vitamins every day. Because when I oversleep before work it’s reeeeally easy to just forget taking that vitamin-D.

My personal favorite when it comes to general fitness is SWORKIT Lite which has a bunch of different workout routines, my favorite is the 20-minute yoga session!

For the ladies out there, Clue is a great tool to track your menstrual cycle. You can enter your preferred birth control method (e.g. if you have an IUD you can enter the date of insertion, and any checkups at the OB/GYN) and track all things related to your menstrual cycle.

I use RxmindMe to remember my vitamins + meds every morning. I have one alarm at 9 and if I don’t deactivate it (by taking my pill) I get another one in the afternoon.

Pacifica has nice 5-minute exercises to relax your mind, you can choose if you want to focus on treating depression, anxiety etc.


and now it get’s kinda awkward… because I made the graphic before checking how many health apps I use. Turns out it’s 4, please don’t tell my math teacher about my fail haha.